SPA has a variety of program types at our Annual Convention. Click on each category to learn more about each type.

Symposia are professional talks on theory, research, or practice given by presenters individually in authoritative expert style to the audience. These sessions entail the presentation of a series of papers in which presenters make an effort to integrate the content of the papers with one another. Integration can be achieved in a number of ways (for example, presenters may comment on one another’s papers, or a discussant may provide a commentary integrating the material in the papers). Presenters may range from students to seasoned professionals. Symposia require joint submission of papers, typically by the session organizer, who chairs the session. Generally, papers are allowed 15 minutes for presentation and questions, but the session organizer may prepare a program with fewer, but longer, presentations at their discretion.

Case discussions offer the opportunity to share specific details with attendees around uses and experiences with assessment, whether it is in individual, couple, family, group, or organizational contexts. Although we are interested in learning about the case context, method, and description, we encourage case discussions to also discuss the substantive clinical and/or theoretical contributions to the literature.

Roundtables are an opportunity for attendees to gather around a specific topic or issue. Although we encourage some theoretical foundation to these discussion, roundtables offer an opportunity for attendees to evolve professionally and occupationally, including acquiring skills to develop professional endurance, acquiring specializations, balancing individual and professional needs, etc. Topics welcomed include for example:

  • Career Strategy
  • Organization of a Private Practice
  • Preventing Burn Out
  • Advice to Acquire Advanced Residency
  • Trainings or Diplomate Degrees
  • Financial Considerations in Practice
  • Advice to Progress into Leadership Positions
  • Advertise or the Use of Media to Enhance Private Practice
  • How to Access Open-Source Data for Research
  • How to Obtain Government Contracts or Grants
  • Balancing Career and Family, etc.

If you have a compelling individual paper topic focusing either on research or clinical material but do not or cannot submit it as a symposia, please submit it as an individual paper. If accepted, the Convention Program Chair will group individual papers into a topic area and assign a session title. Presenters may range from students to seasoned professionals. Papers are allowed 15 minutes for presentation and questions.

Poster presenters will prepare a visual depiction of a research study, case analysis, or other type of material relevant to personality assessment, typically including descriptive text along with tables and/or figures. New this year, poster sessions may be for a completed study or a proposed study, so no need to have your research complete to present.

In lieu of a 15- minute paper presentation or just a poster during the poster presentations, presenters are given the opportunity to give a live 3-minute overview of their completed project or proposal (using PowerPoint or similar) to all attendees. It is expected that these presentations will also have a poster featured during one of the two poster session time blocks on Thursday or Saturday.

To learn more about our Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice track, please click here.