The SPA Virtual Workshops will occur from March to June 2021. These half-day and full-day workshops are the place to deep-dive into issues relevant to assessment professionals. Visit this webpage to learn more about the workshops available!

The 2021 SPA Virtual Convention will include live presentations as well as pre-recorded presentations that you can watch at your leisure. The plan for the networking opportunities are underway. The live presentations will occur from Wednesday, March 17 through Saturday, March 20, from 12:00-6:30 pm (EST), 4pm-10:30pm (GMT). Prerecorded presentations will be accessible from March 17-April 17. More information about the choosing of these dates and times is available in our FAQs webpage.

A program book will be made available early March!

If you have any questions regarding the 2021 SPA Virtual Convention and Workshops, please email the SPA Central Office at

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