Coordinating Author Information: Abby Mulay, PhD | Medical University of South Carolina

Session Abstract:Recent shifts in the fields of psychology and psychiatry, such as the proliferation of telehealth services stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, emerging alternatives to the DSM/ICD, and the provision of assessment services by master’s level clinicians, result in the continuing need to evolve training across assessment domains and developmental levels. The Education and Training Interest Group is therefore excited to sponsor and present a roundtable discussion, focused upon the common pitfalls and roadblocks to successful assessment training. Members of the Education and Training (Abby L. Mulay, Adam P. Natoli, Aaron L. Pincus, and Scott Schwartz), Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment (Raja David and Hale Martin), Psychoanalytic Assessment (Christina Biedermannn), Health Psychology (Ryan J. Marek and John H. Porcerelli), and Forensic (Abby L. Mulay) Interest Groups, as well as the SPA Diversity and Social Justice Committee (presenter to be determined) and the SPA Graduate Student Association (JoAnna Molina), will come together to offer their perspectives on training issues relevant to their areas of expertise, as well as supervision challenges that transcend assessment type. Domain-specific advice and proven strategies for circumventing these issues will be offered. A wide variety of assessment professionals will be represented on the panel and will include those working in academic settings, academic medical centers, private practice, forensic and correctional settings, and hybrid positions. Potential topics will include a discussion of foundational assessment skills required for future successful practice in these diverse subfields of assessment; common issues encountered in the supervisory setting and how to contend with them; strategies to promote comprehensive training at the graduate, internship, and postdoctoral levels; obtaining continued supervision and/or consultation in professional practice; ethics in the supervision of assessment; and general career advancement and growth. Individuals who attend the roundtable will also have the opportunity to ask experts in the field their questions related to assessment training and discuss any pertinent supervision and training challenges experienced in their own clinical practices. We hope attendees will gain real-world strategies that can be implemented in their positions and practices to promote successful training, supervision, and/or consultation services in the future.


Abby L. Mulay, PhD | Medical University of South Carolina

Adam P. Natoli, PhD | Sam Houston State University

Aaron L. Pincus, PhD | The Pennsylvania State University

Scott Schwartz, PhD | University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Christina Biedermannn, PsyD, ABPP | Adler University

Raja David, PsyD, ABPP, LP | Minnesota Center for Therapeutic Assessment

Reneau C. Kennedy, EdD | Private Practice

Jennifer Marie Laney, PsyD | Carson Center for Human Services

Ryan K. Marek, PhD | Sam Houston State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Hale Martin, PhD | Denver University Graduate School of Professional Psychology

JoAnna Molina, MS | University of Detroit Mercy

John H. Porcerelli, PhD | University of Detroit Mercy

Alicia Wilhelmia Villanueva Van Den Hurk | University of Dayton

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