Coordinating Author Information: Marvin Acklin, PhD | John A. Burns School of Medicine

Session Abstract: The upcoming centenary celebration of Rorschach’s Psychodiagnostics (ISR 2022), recent translations of important historical documents, including Rorschach’s letters to his colleagues, and the forthcoming newly translated and annotated 100th anniversary edition of Psychodiagnostics, promises to infuse new interest and excitement into Rorschach historiography. This roundtable brings together a distinguished panel of Rorschach scholars and researchers with demonstrated expertise in Rorschach psychology. Dr. Marvin Acklin (roundtable chair and moderator) has presented and published on Rorschach history. He has collected and translated a number of historiographic sources, has a paper in press at the History of Psychiatry, and a manuscript under review at the Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences focused on the Zurich School of Psychiatry and Swiss Psychoanalytic Society where Hermann Rorschach was an officer, presenter, and beloved colleague. Dr. Acklin and Dr. Reneau Kennedy have been involved in translation of Rorschach’s letters from the Briefwechsel. Dr. Kennedy is interested in Justinus Kerner and Sam Beck’s translation of Rorschach’s test into American clinical psychology. Dr. Nicolae Dumitrascu translated Psychodiagnostics into Romanian from a French translation. Dr. Philip Keddy, with Rita Signer, Dr. Phil Erdberg, and Arianna Schneider-Stocking, is completing a new, annotated English translation of Psychodiagnostics. Dr. James Kleiger is a celebrated Rorschach scholar and author. He has published articles on Rorschach history and psychology for over three decades. Dr. Don Viglione is a distinguished Rorschach researcher and a co-developer of R-PAS. Dr. McElfresh is on the faculty at Duquesne University and interested in phenomenology. The roundtable will provide an overview of recent developments, stimulate dialogue and networking between American and international colleagues, set the stage for the upcoming ISR 2022 in Geneva Switzerland, and serve as a catalyst for further explorations in Rorschachlandia.


Marvin W. Acklin, PhD | John A. Burns School of Medicine

Reneau Kennedy, EdD | Independent Practice

Philip J. Keddy, PhD | Independent Practice and Wright Institute

James Kleiger, PsyD | Independent Practice

Nicolae Dumitrascu, PhD | Danielsen Institute at Boston University

Donald J. Viglione, PhD | Alliant International University

Patrick J. McElfresh, PhD | Duquesne University

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