Coordinating Authors Information: Chloe Bliton, MS | Pennsylvania State University

Session Abstract: Continuing its commitment to the professional development of graduate students, the Society for Personality Assessment Graduate Student (SPAGS) Career Development Committee (CDC) is organizing a roundtable discussion focused on the clinical internship application and interview process. The majority of SPAGS members are enrolled in doctoral programs that require the successful completion of internship. However, the internship application and interview process can seem daunting, and specific guidance on assessment-focused sites and trajectories can be elusive. Thus, the roundtable panel will provide subjective insight into site selection, preparation of application materials, scheduling interviews, preparing for interviews, completing internship, and applying for postdoctoral training and/or employment after graduation. To achieve these aims, the SPAGS CDC is inviting 5 individuals from various stages of the internship process to ensure complete coverage. As such, panelists will include those who have recently completed the match process, are working towards completing internship, applied to postdoctoral positions while on internship, and applied to professional positions while on internship. In addition to the panelists describing their own paths and experiences, attendees of the roundtable discussion will have the opportunity to submit questions pertaining to internship and career development prior to the convention as well as ask questions during the live panel.



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