Coordinating Author Information: Antoinette Kavanaugh, PhD | Northwestern University & AP-LS

Session Abstract: In theory, research should inform forensic clinical practice and vice versa; however, clinicians rarely have an opportunity to inform researchers how their empirical findings and instruments are used “in the real world.” Clinicians “learn as we do” and are often in unique settings and situations that allow us to see real-world problems in need of solutions. In the spirit of promoting empirical accountability, we propose a unique opportunity to begin a dialogue between researchers and clinicians. The American Psychology‐Law Society (AP‐LS) Practice Committee is comprised of clinicians from different settings, who provide forensic evaluation and treatment services. They will describe how they use existing research and instruments; what they wish researchers would do differently; and identify areas where more research is needed. We will dialogue with the audience and answer questions from researchers in the field, as well as invite other clinicians to share their experiences.


Antoinette Kavanaugh, PhD | Northwestern University & AP-LS

Danielle Rynczak

Lara Guzman-Hosta

Tess Neal, PhD

Rebecca Rivas

Barry Rosenfield, PhD

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