Corresponding Author Information: Hadas Pade

Session Abstract: Previous research on doctoral clinical assessment training in the Rorschach has focused on coding accuracy (Callahan, 2015; Guarnaccia, et al., 2001; Hilsenroth, et al., 2007, Viglione, et al., 2017). This session will describe a detailed analysis of 107 archival R-PAS student protocols, identifying the types and frequencies of commonly made R-PAS administration errors by 1st and 2nd year doctoral clinical psychology graduate students. Overall, data reveals that administration errors are even more common and detrimental than initially anticipated.  This symposium will address omission and commission type administration errors, as well as the likely impact of such errors for coding accuracy and the validity of interpretive hypotheses. The session aims to enhance assessment instructors' familiarity with and consideration of a wide range of common R-PAS administration errors in early training.  Implications of findings will be discussed in context of graduate level Rorschach instruction and for the close supervision of Rorschach administration in practicum placements. Presenters will provide specific recommendations for proactive strategies for Rorschach instruction and supervision with the intention of reducing the frequency and severity of certain administration errors and enhancing protocol validity.

Chair Information: Jilliann Daly | Alliant International University, San Francisco, CA

Discussant Information: Jilliann Daly | Alliant International University at San Francisco, CA

Presentation 1 Title: R-PAS administration errors by clinical psychology graduate students: Recommendations for assessment instructors and clinical supervisors


Hadas Pade | Alliant International University, San Francisco, CA

Robert Harris | Alliant International University at Fresno, CA

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