Corresponding Author Information: Steven Anthony Sola

Session Abstract: In keeping with the theme of the conference: "Advancing Standards in Personality Assessment," this symposium will bring together leading clinicians and researchers to explore the expanding scope of values assessment which links newer methods of assessment more closely with treatment. Dr. Steven Anthony Sola selectively and critically reviews the values assessment literature and suggests an approach based upon some new developments in social psychology, specifically the work of Shalom Schwartz and associates. He points out that we neglect this area at our own peril in individual assessment, and further suggests that our countertransference to dealing with values issues is a significant problem that must be overcome. Dr. Arnold Bruhn picks up the discussion of countertransference issues and illustrates an approach based upon based on Cognitive-Perceptual theory to conceptualize how countertransference may be overcome. He articulates his Early Memories Procedure as one way to accomplish this. Dr. Howard Lerner presents a highly illustrative case: "Value Conflict in Treating a White Supremacist" that goes to the heart of these issues. These papers will be discussed by Dr. Jilisa Snyder, a master clinician and supervising psychologist, who will integrate the contributions into the theme of "Advancing Standards in Personality Assessment" from a clinical and management perspective.

Chair Information: Howard D. Lerner, PhD | University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI

Discussant Information: Jilisa Snyder, PhD | Brattleboro Retreat, Brattleboro VT

Presentation 1 Title: Extending the Assessment Process to Include Values, Moral Reasoning and Superego Functions


Steven Anthony Sola, PhD | Private Practice: Bennington VT and Pittsfield MA

Presentation 2 Title: Using Memories Work In Assessment To Clarify the Interplay of Mind, Memory and Personality


Arnold  Bruhn, PhD | Private Practice: Bethesda MD

Presentation 3 Title: Value Conflict in Treating a White Supremacist


Howard D. Lerner, PhD | University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI

Presentation 4 Title: Discussion

Presenter: Jilisa Snyder, PhD | Brattleboro Retreat, Brattleboro VT

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