Corresponding Author Information: Luciano Giromini

Session Abstract: Recent research has demonstrated that the IOP-29 is a perfect complement to performance validity tests like the TOMM in the multi-method assessment of symptom validity.  As such, we developed an incidental recall task to be used immediately after administering the IOP-29 to evaluate the credibility of presented memory problems.  In this paper, we present the development of this new IOP-29 add-on application, which we named the IOP-M, and report on some initial research testing its validity and utility.  More specifically, we describe the leading principles we attended to when refining the IOP-M throughout its six versions, as well as the empirical findings we obtained in this pilot research.  Additionally, we also summarize findings from six international studies investigating the classification accuracy and incremental validity of the IOP-M with participants from Italy, France, Slovenia, Brazil, England and Australia. Taken together, these preliminary reports suggest that using the IOP-M in combination with the IOP-29 yields some incremental validity, not only when inspecting feigned cognitive problems (e.g., mTBI symptoms) but also when focusing on feigned depression, PTSD or schizophrenia.


Luciano Giromini | Department of Psychology, University of Turin, Italy

Donald J. Viglione | California School of Professional Psychology, Alliant International University, San Diego, CA

Alessandro Zennaro | Department of Psychology, University of Turin, Italy

Anna Maffei | Department of Psychology, University of Turin, Italy

Laszlo Erdodi | University of Windsor, Canada

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