Corresponding Author Information: Callie Jowers

Session Abstract: Continuing its commitment to the professional development of graduate students, the Society for Personality Assessment Graduate Student (SPAGS) Education Committee is organizing a symposium to discuss the utilization of personality assessment instruments via telehealth. Given these unprecedented times and the challenges associated with learning and conducting personality assessment remotely, this symposium aims to highlight pertinent issues that arise as a result of modifying assessment administration (e.g., problems with reliability, validity, etc.). Performance-based and self-report measures of personality assessment will be emphasized. Additionally, the symposium will feature a discussion centered around constructing an assessment battery specifically for remote assessment situations. Experts in the field of personality assessment will be invited to provide their knowledge, insight, and guidance for navigating personality assessment via telehealth, drawing upon their own experiences and expertise. Graduate student and early career professional attendees who have varied levels of training and experience will have the opportunity to ask experts their questions pertaining to various aspects of telehealth methods of personality assessment.

Chair Information: Callie Jowers, MS | University of Detroit Mercy

Discussant Information: Callie Jowers, MS | University of Detroit Mercy

Presentation 1 Title: Options and Challenges for Engaging in Performance Assessment at a Distance


Gregory Meyer, PhD | Kent State University

Presentation 2 Title:Remote Assessment using Self-Report Measures: Best Practices and Research Findings with the MMPI-3


Yossef Ben-Porath, PhD, ABPP | University of Toledo

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