Coordinating Author Information: Bryan Barnes, MA | Jenson8

Session Abstract: The present study aims to validate a behavioral assessment of team leadership performance focusing on constructs of direction, cohesion, task contribution, and communication in an interdependent virtual reality (VR) task called Apollo. The 4-player VR task functions as an immersive, virtual escape room, where participants must collaborate to build and slot parts into an escape pod before the 8-minute time limit runs out. A sample of 160 college student participants will be recorded, and later rated on the four constructs using a series of dichotomous behavioral anchors. To validate this assessment, we are comparing behavioral scores to measures of the Big Five personality traits, empathy and perspective taking, as well as 360-degree ratings from participants about their teammates’ performance and sociability during the task. Participants will be randomly assigned to groups of 4 and perform the VR task. Each group will play 3 rounds of Apollo, then complete the post-game 360 survey. Two raters will independently score a recording of each of the players on the behavioral measure interrater reliability will be assessed. Self-report personality measures, the 360 ratings, and behavioral assessment scores will be analyzed to validate the VR task as a measure of team performance and leadership potential.


Bryan Barnes, MA | Jenson8

Bryan Myers, PhD | University of North Carolina Wilmington

Ryan Warnock | University of North Carolina Wilmington

Felicity Doddato | University of North Carolina Wilmington

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