March 9 | 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


A. Jordan Wright, PhD | New York University
Hadas Pade, PhD | Alliant International University- San Francisco

Workshop Information:

This intermediate workshop will focus on evidence-based techniques for working with multi-method and multi-informant assessment data to support clinical decision making in clinical psychological assessment. Topics will include being methodical about aggregating and integrating data across methods in order to mitigate confirmation bias, reconciling discrepant data from different methods and different informants, and being deliberately diversity-sensitive and attuned to person-context interactions in assessment work.

Goals and Objectives:

1. Identify the reasons integrated, multi-method psychological assessment is so critical to assessment.

2. Describe core components of effective assessments and report writing.

3. Increase integration and individualization of all assessment data available (interview, observations, testing, etc.) into a meaningful psychological assessment.

4. Identify some of one's own biases that emerge from their own cultural history, background, and context.

5. Describe deliberate person-context interactions to consider when conceptualizing cases.

6. Explain methods for reconciling discrepancies in data that arise from different measures, methods, and/or informants.

Skill Level:

Participants can be of any level, though basic knowledge of assessment principles is useful.

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