June 23 | 1:00pm - 5:00pm

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Presenter: Les Morey, PhD | Texas A&M University

Workshop Information: 

This workshop will involve an advanced discussion of the clinical use of the PAI. This presentation will highlight recent developments in PAI research and their implications for profile interpretation. A particular focus will involve profile validity, with discussion of recently developed indices and functions designed to address defensiveness or malingering. Specifically, the presentation will provide: 1) use of supplemental profile validity indicators in the interpretation of profile validity, 2) identifying and interpreting distorted profiles; and 3) other supplemental indicators and constellations addressing targeted clinical issues such as suicidality, dangerousness, substance abuse, and treatment decision-making.

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Understand scoring and configural interpretation of supplemental profiles validity indicators in the interpretation of profile validity.
  2. Apply approaches to the identification and interpretation of distorted profiles.
  3. Understand scoring and interpretation of supplemental indicators addressing targeted clinical issues.

Skill Level: Participants should be familiar with the scales of the PAI and should have some experience in its use in clinical practice.


This complimentary workshops is sponsored by PAR, inc. 

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