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"I was hesitant to write anything for submission to SPA without Gene having the opportunity to edit my grammar, a service he graciously offered (and I usually accepted) for over thirty years.  Marvin Acklin said it best when he noted that Gene always came to SPA with a bag filled with presents to give to all of us.  While the items were heartfelt, they do not compare to the love that came from his heart.  Gene selflessly mentored scores of us and the SPA is a stronger organization for it.  Gene’s generosity knew no bounds and his legacy will last well beyond the current membership of SPA due to (or is it “because of?” – Gene would know) the countless hours Gene invested in taping the sessions. My only solace in participating in the first SPA meeting Gene will be missing is knowing that the sessions are not going unrecorded.  Rest in peace, my friend."



Licensed Clinical Psychologist

2 thoughts on “In Memoriam- Gene Nebel, PhD

  1. When I was a grad student in the 90’s and attending my first SPA convention, Gene noticed me sitting in a session room early and recruited me to help him with the taping. We became friends and I always looked forward to seeing and interacting with him. He was so kind and giving. When I ordered CDs of recorded material they always arrived with a note and several other recordings that he thought might be of interest to me in my development. I will miss seeing Gene and cherish the time we spent together and our friendship.


  2. For many years past, if you presented anything at SPA, you got to know Gene. Gene generously devoted a lot of time and energy to ensuring that all sessions were taped, and he seemed to be everywhere at once. He always sent me an audio copy of my own presentations and always included “bonus track” CDs of completely unpredictable topics (e.g., a lecture on Ego Psychology that Gene had given). My long-time mentor Dave Nichols and several other friends/colleagues have a tradition of setting aside a dinner at every SPA and, for the past several SPAs, that gathering included Gene and Ray King who, as Ray noted above, had a similar long-term mentoring relationship. Gene was kind, gentle, and incisive, and I am very sad to know that we will not have Gene with us the next time we gather.

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