Corresponding Author Information: Benjamin Rubin

Session Abstract: Abstract: Authors in a 2012 issue of Psychological Injury and Law debated whether the Rorschach Performance Assessment System meets established criteria for admissibility in court. Subsequent papers have offered arguments for and against forensic application of the R-PAS. This presentation aims to clarify the relevance of legal and scientific criteria to the debate. The two sets of principles are described as mutually exclusive and reflective of differences in epistemology and methodology. The author draws upon the principles articulated by Heilbrun (1992) to define a scientifically sound and responsible approach to psychological test use in court. At this time, the primary drawback to R-PAS in court relates to the test's normative data. The author provides an overview of R-PAS norm development, including more recent validity studies, and illustrates the implications for use of the Rorschach in court.


Benjamin Rubin | Rockland Psychiatric Center; Orangeburg, NY

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