Corresponding Author Information: Jennifer Boland, MA


Only one study has compared the relation of the Levels of Personality Functioning Scale-Self Report (LPFS-SR; Morey, 2017) to both a measure of FFM normative personality and of AMPD maladaptive personality (Hopwood et al., 2018). Our study compared the LPFS-SR's associations across two weeks to baseline scores on FFM- and AMPD-related personality measures.


At baseline, 138 undergraduates completed the PID-5-SF (Maples et al., 2015), IPIP-NEO-60 (Maples-Keller et al., 2019), and LPFS-SR (Morey, 2017) the all three measures online. At Time 2, 76 completed the LPFS-SR, and at Time 3, 53 completed the LPFS-SR.


Pearson correlation analyses showed moderate-strong correlations across PID-5-SF and LPFS-SR scores (r's=|.37-.69|) and most IPIP-NEO-60 and LPFS-SR scores (r's=|.09-.66|) at all time points, except Openness (r's=|.001-.25|). IPIP-NEO-60 variables also matched best with unique PID-5-SF variables at moderate-high levels (highest r's=|.41 -.78|), again excepting Openness (highest r's=|.16-.24|). These pairs were consistent with literature on the PID-5 and FFM (Al-Dajani, Gralnick, & Bagby, 2015).

Steiger’s z-tests comparing absolute values of correlations with the LPFS-SR in matched pairs showed the PID-5-SF consistently outperformed the IPIP-NEO-60 at baseline, except in Negative Affectivity-Neuroticism, which did not differ significantly across LPFS-SR scales (z’s=.66-1.73; p’s>.05). Most pairs performed equally well in the smaller samples at Times 2 and 3.


Findings support the association of the PID-5-SF and IPIP-NEO-60 with the LPFS-SR over 2 weeks and suggest this relationship is stronger for the PID-5-SF cross-sectionally, except for Negative Affectivity-Neuroticism. Neuroticism performed as well as its PID-5-SF counterpart, suggesting it is a better indicator of pathology than other FFM domains. Preliminary longitudinal results suggest some FFM domains may serve as equally good predictors of impairment over 2 weeks as AMPD domains, though this conclusion will be revisited as the follow-up samples grow.


Jennifer Boland, MA | Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX

Larissa Fernandez | Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX

Nicholas Sims-Rhodes | Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX

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