Corresponding Author Information: Jennifer Boland, MA


Only one study has compared the relation of the Levels of Personality Functioning Scale-Self Report (LPFS-SR; Morey, 2017) to both a measure of FFM normative personality and of AMPD maladaptive personality (Hopwood et al., 2018). Our study compared the LPFS-SR's associations across two weeks to baseline scores on FFM- and AMPD-related personality measures.


At baseline, 138 undergraduates completed the PID-5-SF (Maples et al., 2015), IPIP-NEO-60 (Maples-Keller et al., 2019), and LPFS-SR (Morey, 2017) the all three measures online. At Time 2, 76 completed the LPFS-SR, and at Time 3, 53 completed the LPFS-SR.


Pearson correlation analyses showed moderate-strong correlations across PID-5-SF and LPFS-SR scores (r's=|.37-.69|) and most IPIP-NEO-60 and LPFS-SR scores (r's=|.09-.66|) at all time points, except Openness (r's=|.001-.25|). IPIP-NEO-60 variables also matched best with unique PID-5-SF variables at moderate-high levels (highest r's=|.41 -.78|), again excepting Openness (highest r's=|.16-.24|). These pairs were consistent with literature on the PID-5 and FFM (Al-Dajani, Gralnick, & Bagby, 2015).

Steiger’s z-tests comparing absolute values of correlations with the LPFS-SR in matched pairs showed the PID-5-SF consistently outperformed the IPIP-NEO-60 at baseline, except in Negative Affectivity-Neuroticism, which did not differ significantly across LPFS-SR scales (z’s=.66-1.73; p’s>.05). Most pairs performed equally well in the smaller samples at Times 2 and 3.


Findings support the association of the PID-5-SF and IPIP-NEO-60 with the LPFS-SR over 2 weeks and suggest this relationship is stronger for the PID-5-SF cross-sectionally, except for Negative Affectivity-Neuroticism. Neuroticism performed as well as its PID-5-SF counterpart, suggesting it is a better indicator of pathology than other FFM domains. Preliminary longitudinal results suggest some FFM domains may serve as equally good predictors of impairment over 2 weeks as AMPD domains, though this conclusion will be revisited as the follow-up samples grow.


Jennifer Boland, MA | Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX

Larissa Fernandez | Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX

Nicholas Sims-Rhodes | Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX

Jennifer BolandJennifer Boland

Jenn Boland is a 5th-year doctoral candidate at Sam Houston State University, who works under the mentorship of Dr. Jaime Anderson. She is also the current president-elect of the SPAGS board and former SPA Twitter coordinator. Her research interests include dimensional models of personality, clinician bias in the treatment of borderline personality disorder, and associations between personality and social media behaviors.

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