Corresponding Author Information: Megan Whitman

Session Abstract: Many constructs that are generally predictive of suicidal ideation and behavior do not significantly discriminate between individuals who experience suicidal ideation without engaging in suicidal behavior (“ideators-only”) and suicide attempters (“attempters”). The goal of the current study was to identify constructs measured by the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-3 that can discriminate between suicide attempters and ideators-only. We used a pooled sample of 559 participants (61.5% women; 83.4% white; mean age = 40.30 [SD = 15.48] years) from three different clinical settings and calculated point-biserial correlations to investigate associations between MMPI-3 scale scores and attempter status. We also reported mean T-score differences across groups. We found that attempters scored meaningfully higher on measures of externalizing problems relative to ideators-only with clinically meaningful effect sizes.


Megan Whitman | Kent State University

Andrew Kremyar | Kent State University

William Menton | Kent State University

Yossef S. Ben-Porath | Kent State University

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