Corresponding Author Information: Morgan N. McCredie

Session Abstract: The Circumplex Scales of Interpersonal Problems (CSIP; Boudreaux et al., 2018) is a recently developed, publicly available self-report questionnaire which assesses interpersonal problems across the octants of the interpersonal circumplex. The present study examined relationships between the CSIP and two additional self-report measures: the International Personality Item Pool (IPIP; Goldberg, 1999) Interpersonal Circumplex (IPIP-IPC; Markey & Markey, 2009), assessing normative-range interpersonal characteristics and behaviors, and the Level of Personality Functioning Scale--Self-Report (LPFS-SR; Morey, 2017), assessing global personality pathology as represented in Criterion A of the DSM-5 Alternative Model for Personality Disorders. Participants included 63 undergraduates (55.9% female; Mage = 20.09, SDage = 2.62). Multiple regression results indicated that the CSIP interpersonal problems scales generally reflected a combination of both interpersonal style and personality pathology, with some exceptions. Partialling out personality problems from the CSIP did not improve correlational relationships between the CSIP and IPIP-IPC octant scales, suggesting that interpersonal style and personality problems operate largely independently in their predictions of specific forms of interpersonal problems. Some differentiation of the relationships between the LPFS-SR component scores and CSIP interpersonal problems scales was observed, such that Identity impairment was most strongly associated with warm-submissive problems whereas relationships were more generalized for the other component scores. These findings serve the twofold purpose of providing cross-validation for the CSIP and offering information regarding the interplay between interpersonal style and personality pathology in the manifestation of interpersonal dysfunction.


Morgan N. McCredie | Texas A&M University; College Station, TX

Leslie C. Morey | Texas A&M University; College Station, TX

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