The SPA Board of Trustees explored many options regarding registration rates for the Virtual Convention. The Board recognizes that institutional and personal funds are limited at this time, so the final prices for the convention balance the need to cover a portion of SPA’s expenses while still creating an affordable yet well-produced convention that you have come to expect. These expenses include online conference software, development of software and apps, video editing, staff salaries, and contract staff to help produce this event. We hope that since the registration fee is only a small portion of the cost of the typical in-person meeting, attendees will still see a significant overall cost reduction to attend and participate.

For those newer to the SPA Convention, we have also created a free opportunity to experience some of the key highlights of the convention, including the SPA President Address, the Bruno Klopfer Seminar, all Master Lectures, the Awards Ceremony, Poster Sessions, and any networking events. More information about this opportunity will be available in a few weeks.

If you register for a virtual event and must cancel your registration, all cancellations MUST be submitted in writing. Telephone requests WILL NOT be honored.

*SPA Refund Policy*: Cancellations received 14 days prior to the start of the virtual workshop, paid or unpaid invoice, are eligible for a 50% refund of the invoice amount. Cancellations received less than three (3) days prior to the virtual workshop, paid or unpaid invoice, will not be eligible for refund. All requests for refunds MUST be submitted in writing via email by the deadline(s) listed within this policy.

Virtual Convention Registration Rates

Membership Type Early-Bird Rate
(12/15/20 - 2/9/21)
Regular Rate
(2/10/21 - 3/16/21)
Late Rate
(3/17/21 - 5/1/21)
Student Member $49$59$79
Early-Career Member $74$94$134
Member/Fellow/Associate $124$144$184
Student Non-Member $79$89$109
Early Career Non-Member$129$149$189

Workshop Registration Rates

Membership Type Half-Day Workshop
(12/15/20 - 6/30/21)
Full-Day Workshop
(12/15/20 - 6/30/21)
Student Member$60 $100
Early-Career Member$105$155
Student Non-Member$75$125
Early-Career Non-Member$145$195