Join us for our co-hosted Happy Hour with Division IX! We will have 12 different breakout rooms to engage and network with colleagues. Don't forget to drop in to learn how to create a cocktail and/or mocktail with Charismatic Creations or stop by to enjoy music with DJ Rosé.

Breakout Rooms

  1. The Hallway hosted by Staff & Volunteers
  2. SPAGS
  3. Section IX of Division 12
  4. Meet the Featured Speaker | Dr. Steven R. López
  5. Meet the Paul Lerner Award Speaker | Dr. Carla Sharp
  6. Learn About SPA hosted by SPA Membership Committee
  7. Learn About JPA hosted by Taylor and Francis Staff
  8. Forensic Interest Group Hosted by Nancy Kaser-Boyd and Elizabeth Wheeler
  9. Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment Interest Group hosted by Raja David and Hale Martin
  10. DJ Rosé
  11. Mixology and Cocktail/Mocktail Crafting hosted by Chrissy Sheffey of Charismatic Creations

Shopping List & Schedule for Mixology Crafting


Chrissy is the Owner and Lead Mixologist of Charismatic Creations. After working in restaurants and bars in Washington, DC, and Maryland for 4 years, Chrissy started Charismatic Creations in 2017 because she wanted to curate inclusive cocktail and mocktail experiences with her mobile bar services, bespoke events, bar program concepts, and beverage styling shoots.

In 2018, she started curating infusions, “non-alcoholic cocktail mixers”, with fresh fruits and herbs grown locally in DC and Southern MD. She wanted people to be able to transform their at-home beverages into DIY signature cocktails with premium mixes that don’t consist of preservatives and artificial food coloring.

With her love for social justice advocacy, gardening and mixology, she’s been able to infuse her passions into a business that supports local food systems with her Garden to Cocktail mixers and advocates for urban gardening within marginalized areas.