Join us for our co-hosted Happy Hour with Division IX! We will have 12 different breakout rooms to engage and network with colleagues. Don't forget to drop in to learn how to create a cocktail and/or mocktail with Charismatic Creations or stop by to enjoy music with DJ Rosé.

Breakout Rooms

  1. The Hallway hosted by Staff & Volunteers
  2. SPAGS
  3. Section IX of Division 12
  4. Meet the Featured Speaker | Dr. Steven R. López
  5. Meet the Paul Lerner Award Speaker | Dr. Carla Sharp
  6. Learn About SPA hosted by SPA Membership Committee
  7. Learn About JPA hosted by Taylor and Francis Staff
  8. Forensic Interest Group Hosted by Nancy Kaser-Boyd and Elizabeth Wheeler
  9. Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment Interest Group hosted by Raja David and Hale Martin
  10. DJ Rosé
  11. Mixology and Cocktail/Mocktail Crafting hosted by Chrissy Sheffey of Charismatic Creations

Shopping List & Schedule for Mixology Crafting