We know that continuing education credits are important to many of you, and we are excited to say we have 43.5 CE credits connected to this convention, excluding the Workshops, including 16 Live CEs this week. We have tried to streamline the process this year for those interested in credit.

Continuing Education Credits - Live Sessions for which you Attend Live

The live convention sessions offer 16 CEs through APA. Attendees must complete a session evaluation for EACH session attended to receive credits from SPA. New this year, you will be able to access all of your surveys connected to attended workshops and sessions with one link. You should have received this link during the convention.

Roughly two hours after the session ends, a new evaluation will appear in your SPA Portal survey link. For these live sessions that you attend live, all evaluations must be completed by April 10. Certificate links will be sent to attendees who are only doing live sessions by April 26, 2021. Also new this year, this certificate will list all sessions that you have participated in, rather than one certificate per session.

Continuing Education Credits- Live Sessions for which you watch the Recording and/or Pre-Recorded Sessions watched On-Demand

SPA is now approved to provide Homestudy CE credits through APA, but there are some additional steps you as the attendee must do before credit is given.

Similar to the above, all surveys connected to attended workshops and sessions are available through the same survey link mentioned above roughly two hours after the session ends. Additionally, once you watch a full recording, a new evaluation will appear. For all recorded sessions for which you would like CE credit, you must complete all evaluations by April 24, 2021.

In addition to completing the evaluation, you must also complete a quiz to show learning. You must receive at least a 75% on even quiz to receive CE credit. The quiz links are available on the evaluation page for each session, and all quizzes must also be completed by April 24, 2021. Once you submit your answers, you will receive your score. Please note that the system needs to show you have a 75% score before CE credits will be manually assigned.


Certificate links will be sent to attendees who are wanting CE Credits for both live and pre-recorded sessions by May 17, 2021. Rather than individualized certificates for each session, you will have one itemized certificate that will be available in your portal.

SPA Virtual Portal system will automatically track when you enter and leave a session, so no unique way to sign in and sign out. For the pre-recorded sessions, you watch those videos within the portal, and the technology automatically captures your “attendance” once you have watched 90% of the video.

Quizzes can be found in the SPA Portal in the footer of each session page. Please note, because SPA is now APA Homestudy approved, you must also complete an examination and receive at least a 75% on each quiz to receive credit for watching recorded sessions.

No. If you watched a session live, you just need to complete the survey that can be found in your SPA Portal. If you missed a live session but you watched the recording then yes you do need to complete the quiz. Quizzes can be found in the footer section of each session page. 

Yes, you must complete a survey for each session for which you would like to receive CE credits. Rather than a different email for each session attended, you have a personalized survey link that was sent to your email on file. As you finish attending sessions live or finish watching recordings, new surveys for those said events will appear in your survey portal page no more than two hours after the viewing.