For those who were not able to attend or who would like to review the Presenter Training, we have provided a link to view a recording of what was discussed. This page if full of important, time-sensitive actions, and we appreciate your cooperation to meet the deadlines below. If you have any questions regarding this material, please contact us at

Time Line 

  • February 5: Application for APA CE Sponsorship  Due
  • February 9: Presenter Information Due
  • February 22: Last Day for Presenter Registration
  • February 24: Application for Poster Award Evaluations Due
  • March 1: Presentations Due
  • March 1: Deadline to Submit PowerPoint Slides and Other Handouts
  • March 17: All On-Demand Content Available
  • March 17-20: 2021 SPA Virtual Convention- Live Sessions
  • April 17: Last Day to Access On-Demand and Recorded Live Sessions
  • April 30: Survey Responses Due for CE Credits

Creating Your Slides 

We are requiring that all presentations must use the PowerPoint Template for consistency and to ensure accessibility.
Plan Accordingly
  • Slides need to be created prior to recording deadline on March 1st.
  • Keep text and images on the top two/thirds of the page to allow for closed captioning.
  • Keep information concise.
  • Limit each slide to one clear idea or topic.
  • Use visually appealing slides to keep attendees engaged (provide a new visual every 30-60 seconds, change the type of visuals you providing, etc.)
  • Do NOT use copyrighted materials or content that should not be shared publicly without approved permission. The permission MUST be shared with SPA staff.
  • Consider the Accessibility Guidelines in Appendix A.
  • Be engaging!
    • Start off strong! Most people decide to continue watching within the first minute.
    • Use storytelling to deliver your content. Adults connect with stories, which makes learning more impactful.
    • Avoid the first 3 minutes on housekeeping and introductions; instead sprinkle those details throughout thesession

Sharing Your Slides 

If applicable, send your PowerPoint slides (in PPT format) to your session chair for assembling into one presentation. Chairs, or individual presenters, are to email SPA in PDF format their PPT by March 8, 2021. Chairs are to name file(s) as follows:

  • File name: Presentation Title_Last Name_PPT.pdf
    • Presenters may additionally share up to (3) optional supplemental materials (e.g. worksheets, dataresults):
  • File name: Presentation Title_Last Name_handout.pdf
    • Only PDF files, 10MB max per file, are accepted.

Note: Only registered presenters will be able to access the EventRebels system.

Self-Taping Tips:  It only takes a minute to setup a great recording….

  • Light your face from the front and sides to eliminate shadows (especially around your eyes). Avoid having a light source behind you because the background should be darker than your face.
  • Eliminate background noise from air conditioners, animals, light fixtures, and anything that buzzes. Your microphone is more sensitive than you think and removing any extra noise improves the recording.
  • Your voice should sound natural, clean and clear. Take a deep breath and calm yourself before beginning.
  • Frame your shot carefully and have the camera level with your face and centered on your body. Your recording device should turned sideways in “landscape” orientation.  Ideally, a portrait shot for the face and upper body.
  • Dress appropriately wearing solid colors or large patterns. Avoid small patterns and stripes, bright yellows and whites, stay away from clothes that match your surroundings (no black suit against a black wall). Style your hair away from your face to avoid shadows.
  • Take test recordings before taping. Test recordings will help you zero in on what may need adjusting before taping.  Please wear headphones to hear your recorded audio on the test!

Here are some basic steps to help you successfully self-record your presentation.

Setting Up to Record

  • Make sure the lighting is bright and even on your face, with no lights or windows behind you.
  • Your camera should be at eye level. You may need to set it on top of something like a stack of books, so it is facing you straight on. If you are using a phone or tablet, it should be in landscape mode.
  • Listen closely for any background noise you need to get rid of, like air conditioners, lights that buzz, pet noises - that sort of thing.

Zoom Settings to Adjust

  • In the Zoom app, locate the gear icon to access the Zoom settings.
  • Under the Video tab select Original Ratio, and Enable HD. Make sure the rest of the boxes are not
  • Under the Audio tab, confirm that your speaker and microphone are selected. You can test these to make sure.
  • Under the Recording tab you can select where to save your recordings. We recommend you save these to your desktop to easily find them.  Select the check boxes for Optimize for 3rd party editor and Record video during screen sharing. Make sure the rest of the boxes are not checked.

Recording Your Presentation

  • Start a Zoom Meeting on your account, and confirm that your video and microphone are turned on.
  • Begin screen sharing and select your presentation. You can adjust the small window with your camera in it in the upper right corner of the screen to what fits with your presentation.
  • To begin recording, you will need to select the More button on the Zoom toolbar at the top of your screen. There, click Record and begin your presentation.
  • When you have finished your presentation, click on the More button again and select Stop Recording.
  • When you end the meeting, Zoom will automatically begin converting and saving the recording you have just made.

Code of Conduct

Any sharing of content outside of our secure platform opens all attendees up to serious security risks (e.g. Zoom bombing, spamming). Please help to keep our virtual conference safe by not sharing any conference content.
  • Please review the detailed code of conduct at this link.
  • The 2021 SPA Virtual Convention is available to registered attendees only.
  • The sharing of login information (email and/or password) to the conference platform, EventRebels, is strictly prohibited. Likewise, sharing any Zoom links, login information, or other access information to conference-related content (sessions, networking events, mentoring opportunities, etc.) is not allowed.