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A Categorical Evaluation of Malignant Self-Regard and its Clinically Relevant Phenomena

A Psychometric Comparison of the US Spanish and English MMPI-3

An Examination of Test Bias on the MMPI-A-RF Higher-Order Scales

Application of Mixed Methods to Measure Uncertainty During COVID-19

Big Five Personality Traits, Sensation Seeking and Happiness in Late-Life

Cohort Differences in the UPPS-P Impulsivity Scale among Adult Veterans: An Alignment Method Invariance Analysis

Comparison of Machine Learning with Classical Regression Approaches for Predicting Personality Assessment Inventory Responses

Concerns and Coping with COVID-19

Development and Initial Psychometric Examination of a Measure of Emotion Regulation Cognitions

Do Mental Health Breaks from Social Networking Sites Correlate with Lower Psychopathology?

Do Stressful Life Events Moderate the Relationship between Borderline Personality Traits and Depressive Symptoms?

Examining Personality Dysfunction through the Level of Personality Functioning Scale: Evidence from Interview and Self-Report Methods

Exploring Adolescent Personality Traits Through the MMPI-A-RF Personality Psychopathology Five (PSY-5) Scales

Exploring the Nomological Net of the Interpersonal Sensitivities Circumplex

Mediating Role of Parental Attachment in Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma: The Impact of Paternal Communication and Alienation on Trauma Symptoms for Young Adult Children

Only the Lonely and Anxious? Self-Compassion and Mattering as Resources for Vulnerable Students During the Pandemic

Paranoia and Schizophrenia Subscales of the PAI: Identifying Psychological Profiles and Exploring their Connections to Life History Data

Personality Assessment: Testing and Accessibility Issues for Psychology Trainees with Disabilities

Psychological Pain: A Moderating Factor between Personality Psychopathology and Self Harm

Publication Rates and QRPs of MMPI (all versions) Dissertations Compared to the Broader Field of Clinical Psychology

Publication Rates and QRPs of Rorschach Dissertations Compared to the Broader Field of Clinical Psychology

Racial/Ethnic Differences in PTSD Expression: Post-Traumatic Mood and Cognitions in Asian Families

Relationship between MMPI-2-RF Personality Disorder Spectra Scales and Psychodynamic Measures of Personality Pathology Severity

Relationship between R-PAS and BFI2 Moderated by Self-Perception Indicators from R-PAS

Relative Effects of Sexual Assault and Maladaptive Personality Traits on Non-Suicidal Self-Injury

The Effect of Negative Attentional Bias on the Rorschach Response Process

The Effect of R-PAS with or without Physical Distance: A Case Study of a Healthy Volunteer Participant in a Longitudinal Study

The Influence of the Big Five Personality Traits and Music Preferences on Happiness among Older Adults

The Mediating Effect of Personality Traits on Loneliness and Negative Affect

The Mediating Effect of Rejection Sensitivity on the Relationship Between Narcissistic Vulnerability and Interpersonal Distress

Trait Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, and Relationship Satisfaction in Daily Life

Use of Social Support with Covid-19: A Mixed Methods Approach