April 14 | 11:00 am - 7:00 pm (EDT)


Robert Tringone, PhD
Katherine Presnell, PhD | Pearson

Workshop Information:

This workshop introduces the newly revised Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory, Second Edition (MACI-II). Unlike many other instruments, which were developed for adults and then adapted for adolescents, the MACI-II was specifically created to address the unique concerns, pressures, and situations adolescents face. Anchored in Dr. Theodore Millon's evolutionary theory of personality, this test helps assess personality and psychopathology in adolescents undergoing evaluation or treatment in a variety of mental health settings. This workshop will provide an overview of the MACI-II, including a brief review of Millon's theory, an overview of the changes from the MACI to the MACI-II, the rationale for and methods used to develop the instrument, intended uses of the instrument, the psychometric properties of the MACI-II scales, and interpretive strategies for using the MACI-II with adolescent clients using case examples.

Goals and Objectives:

1. Explain the basic concepts of Millon's evolutionary theory and link these to the MACI-II personality pattern scales.

2. Describe the rationale and methods used in the development of the MACI-II as well as the psychometric properties of the three validity and 24 substantive scales.

3. Discuss the features of the MACI-II.

4. Explain how MACI-II scale scores can be used in evaluations for adolescents in clinical settings.

5. Interpret MACI-II results and integrate interpretations with other sources of information.

Skill Level:

Participants should have a basic understanding of psychometrics and some prior knowledge of objective personality assessment.

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