Corresponding Author Information: Ruam P. F. A. Pimentel

Session Abstract: The relationship of constructs assessed by different assessment methods, such as Rorschach and self-report scales, generally has been reported as nonexistent or poor. However, moderating variables, such as a person's ability to perceive oneself in an integral, realistic and non-fanciful way, may interfere with these correlations. Accounting for these variables could bring a different result for those correlations. Our aim was to study the moderating effect of self-perception indicators from the Rorschach Performance Assessment System (R-PAS) on the correlations between the Big Five Inventory 2 (BFI2) and personality trait indicators in R-PAS. Our focus was a non-clinical sample consisting of 89 participants, with ages varying between 18 and 50 (M = 22.5, SD = 5.7), from four Brazilian regions. For the data analysis, the participants were divided into two groups, according to the level of healthy self-perception indicators select specifically for this research (responses with Pure H, FQo/u, no cognitive codes except DV1, and no AGM / MOR codes), and then the correlations were analyzed in the sample as a whole, as well as in each group. Twenty-four correlations were tested; no correlation was significant in the sample as a whole; however five correlations were observed in the group self-perceptions, presenting evidence for statistical moderation. In summary, we observed the moderating effect in five variables of the R-PAS (T, V, CFCprop, AGM and PPD), with four variables of the BFI2 (Negative Emotionality, Energy Level, Trust and Anxiety). Besides the findings, we still discuss new possible moderators for future researches.


Ruam P. F. A. Pimentel | University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio

Anna Elisa de Villemor-Amaral | Universidade São Francisco, Campinas, São Paulo (Brazil)

Ruam P.F.A. PimentelRuam P. F. A. Pimentel

Bachelors, Psychology, Universidade Luterana do Brasil, 2017
Masters, Psychology, Universidade São Francisco, 2019
Specialization, Neuroscience, Universidade Federal de São Paulo, 2019

Graduate Student, Experimental (Ph.D. student, University of Toledo)

Research Interest: Personality, Rorschach, Neuroscience, Data Science

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