Corresponding Author Information: Olivia M. Tabaczyk

Session Abstract: Impulsivity is the tendency to act with little forethought, and has a close association with substance use disorders (SUDs), especially among military veterans. However, the nature and effects of Impulsivity differs across groups of veterans. This may be a function of military cohort, which differ not only in terms of age but also in terms of the wars and other military conflicts with which the veterans were engaged. However, there is little empirical research on this. In this study, we examined the invariance of a multifaceted scale of Impulsivity, the Urgency, Premeditation, Perseverance, Sensation Seeking and Positive Urgency (UPPS-P) scale, across three adult male veteran cohorts (Vietnam-era, post-Vietnam-era, and Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom) seeking treatment for SUDs (N = 321) using multigroup confirmatory analysis with the alignment method. Results suggest that the UPPS-P is non-invariant, with Sensation Seeking and Perseverance in particular differing across cohorts. These findings do not support clinical comparisons of impulsivity across veteran cohorts with SUDs where impulsivity is clinically relevant, at least when measured by the UPPS-P.


Olivia M. Tabaczyk, MA | Palo Alto University (Palo Alto, CA)

Matthew M. Yalch | Palo Alto University (Palo Alto, CA)

Robert E. Wickham | Palo Alto University (Palo Alto, CA)

Leighna N. Harrison | Palo Alto Veterans Affairs (Palo Alto, CA)

Timothy G. Ramsey | Palo Alto Veterans Affairs (Palo Alto, CA)

Olivia TabaczykOlivia Tabaczyk

Olivia is a third year Ph.D. student in clinical psychology at Palo Alto University, with particular interest in psychometrics and dyadic effects in psychotherapy. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from Purdue University and a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Teachers College of Columbia University. Presently, she is a practicum student at the Palo Alto VA in the First Step Recovery Program, serves as the Pre-Doctoral Fellow in Evaluation and Statistics at the Gronowski Center, and is a student program evaluator at LifeMoves.

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